Reduce Common Risk of ED

With a few modifications, one might still ride for performing exercise and enjoying without sacrificing love life. Filagra Double is one such medicine that shall help in overcoming such impotence issues and allowing men to attain and sustain stiffer penile for longer sessions.

Here some of the modifications one can make to lower risk of Erectile Dysfunction or impotence in men:

  • Switch to narrow bicycle seat for something wider that also has some extra amount of padding that shall help in supporting your perineum. Also, choose a seat without a nose (it might have more of a rectangular shape) for reducing pressure
  • Lower the handlebars, as leaning forward shall eventually lift your backside off the seat and relieve pressure present on the perineum
  • Wear padded bike shorts for that extra layer of protection
  • Cut back on training intensity. Use of cycle for some hours at a time is well
  • Take regular breaks while long rides. Walk around or stand on the pedals periodically for a better outcome
  • Switch to a recumbent bike. In case you are going to spend a lot of time on the bicycle, reclining is gentler on the perineum side
  • Mix up exercise routine. Instead of performing cycling exclusively, one must switch between jogging, swimming, and other forms of aerobic exercise. Make cycling as a part of a well-rounded workout program

When it is noticed that any pain or numbness occurred in the area between rectum and scrotum, stop riding for a while. Try Filagra Double if you face an issue like impotence during that period.

Cycling Affecting Penile Erections

When you sit on a bike for a longer time, the seat shall put pressure on the perineum, which is an area that might run between the anus and the penile. The perineum is all filled with arteries and nerves that shall further supply oxygen-rich blood and sensation to the penile region.

For a man for attaining an erection, nerve impulses from the brain shall send arousal messages to the penile. Further, these nerve signals shall allow blood vessels to relax, enhancing blood flow through the arteries right into the penile. Any problem with the nerves, blood vessels, or both can fail an erection. This condition is named as erectile dysfunction (ED), which can be dealt with consumption of Filagra Double pills.

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